Do You Have the Best Part D Plan? Did You Know,
You Could Save Money by Changing Plans?

Below are the easy steps you need to find the Medicare Part D plan that works for you.  You can PRINT out these steps, then go to  and find your plan.

Go to Medicare.Gov

Click on the green ‘Find Health & Drug Plans’ tab

Enter Your Zip Cpde

Enter your Zip Code, then Click on ‘Find Plans’ tab.

STEP 1 of 4 - Fill in Info

Fill in the bubbles that say ‘Original Medicare’ and ‘I don’t get extra help’ and ‘Yes’ to ‘Would You Like to Add Drugs?’.  Click on ‘Continue to Plan Results’ tab.

STEP 2 of 4 - Drug Info

Type in prescription names, you will be prompted to type in monthly dosage.  Click ‘Add Drug & Dosage’ you may be prompted to choose generic or brand.  Click on ‘My Drug List is Complete’ tab.

STEP 3 of 4 - Add Pharmacy

Select 2 pharmacies Click on ‘Add Pharmacy” then.  Click on ‘Continue to plan Results’ tab.

STEP 4 of 4 Select Drug Plan

Check box ‘Prescription Drug Plans (with original Medicare). Click on ‘Continue to plan Results’ tab.

A list of all the plans available to you will be listed. Medicare organizes these plans by least cost to you for the rest of the year. You can click on the plan name and it will show you the details of the plan. There are tabs with the pharmacy names you chose. Click on each to see the medication co-pay costs at each pharmacy.

If you have any questions on how to do this or how to sign up for one of these plans please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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Mike R.
Senior Insurance Agent

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