Our goal is to help you understand everything you need to know about Medicare BEFORE you have to enroll. And you don’t have to wait until you are almost 65; it is never too early to get the facts.  You have questions? No problem, we have answers!



We understand that making MEDICARE PLAN CHOICES can be stressful. Many people don’t even know what to ask or what the don’t know!  And since you only have one chance to enroll, making uninformed choices can be COSTLY & irreversible!  That is why we have developed our COMPLIMENTARY MEDICARE 101 open discussion / seminars.  Don’t be shy, EVERYBODY has questions and no question is silly. Schedule your session now and be ready to make the right decision for your Medicare enrollment.  (You don’t have to be 64+, we are happy to answer your questions whenever you are ready).  Some of the Topics We Cover in Our Medicare 101 Sessions:


  • Who is eligible for Medicare
  • What Medicare covers
  • Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plans
  • What are Medicare Plans A, B & D
  • Do you need Supplemental Coverage


Want to start your question list?  Check out the general information below about Medicare (source:

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Confused with the Medicare Part D Application?

Medicare prescription drug coverage is an optional benefit. Medicare offers prescription drug coverage to everyone with Medicare.
To get Medicare drug coverage, you must join a plan approved by Medicare that offers Medicare Drug Coverage.  Each plan can vary in cost and drug coverage. (Source:
To help you with your Medicare Part D application, we’ve created a Step-by-Step plan.

Understanding the Medicare “Path” Options

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