We Are Here to Help With Your Medicare Coverage!

There are a lot of choices you have to make with your Medicare Coverage. We are happy to help by answering your questions or even helping you with your application.  These are just some of the areas we can help with:

What You Need to Know About Medicare

Everything you want to know (& stuff you didn’t know you needed to!)

Let Us Schedule a Custom Seminiar for You

We answer YOUR questions, when & where YOU want!

Finding a Medicare Part D Plan

Helping you find the Prescription plan that meets your needs.

Applying for Medicare Part A & B Plans

We are happy to assist you with your application process.

Medicare vs. Your Employer's Healthcare?

Still working after 65? Do you keep your employer’s healthcare plan or take Medicare?

Find Out if You Qualify for Extra Help (LIS)

Extra Help (LIS) is a Federal program that can help with your prescription costs.

Setup Your MyMedicare Account

Your MyMedicare Account gives you access to your personalized information at any time.

Get a Supplement / MediGap Plan

Supplement Plans – also called “Medigap” – can cover costs that the Original Medicare plan does not.

Mike R.
Senior Insurance Agent

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Senior Insurance Agent